Atreus build part 2: Glueing the switches

This post belongs to the Atreus build series, which was introduced by Onward with the Atreus keyboard.

Today I glued the switches on the base plate (the layer that holds them, commonly made of metal to avoid cave-in when typing energetically). It turned out to be more cumbersome than anticipated. Especially if you glue up the switches in the wrong direction…

All switches glued on the base plate (viewed from under) holding the switches. Switches with a black underside are Gateron Brown while the Kailh Pro Burgundy have a white underside.

Once all the switches were glued up, I decided to make sure they were all working correctly. Just in case QA let something slipped under their radar. (Or if I broke one with my inexperienced handling.) I flashed QMK (there is direct support for the Atreus Pro Micro) to the Pro Micro and soldered two wires. Then I plugged it in my computer, and started a keyboard testing tool (QMK has a nice page showing exactly which (combination of) key gets pressed; but any text input such as a text editor or terminal would have worked as long as the wires are shorting a pin mapped to a letter).

I held the dangling wires to each pair of switch pins while pressing the whole plate down on the table. Don't judge me, it worked fine.

Each switch was tested individually.